We welcome DAF grants from our donors

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, Friends of Woodstock School welcomes DAF grants from donors.  Donors can establish a DAF, often with advice from or with the help of their financial advisor, accountant, or estate attorney.  Donors can then make charitable contributions to their DAF, receive an immediate tax benefit, and recommend grants from their Donor Advised Fund to qualified charities over time. 

Here are five ways donors are using their DAFs today:

  1. Recommend grants to their favorite charities and causes.
  2. Streamline their giving.
  3. Establish a charitable legacy.
  4. Involve their family in philanthropy.
  5. Donate complex assets.


Friends of Woodstock School, its staff, representatives and board members, do not offer legal or financial advice. We strongly urge prospective donors to consult with their attorney, financial advisor, estate planning professional, accountant or other appropriate professional before making any material decisions based on information we provide through our website, or printed materials or other written or verbal sources.