Designated Funds



Parker Hall Renovation Fund

The primary purpose of this fund is to completely renovate historic Parker Hall into a 21st century performance space for music and theatre performances, education, technological upgrades, and structural strengthening of Parker Hall. This renovation will create new possibilities for shared academic and performance experiences in Woodstock's historic high school building.    


Woodstock Employees Children's Education Fund

A fund established to provide financial aid to assist Woodstock employees in covering educational costs for their children.


Jane Cummings Staff Development Fund Designated to support Woodstock faculty and staff by providing opportunities for continuing education and professional growth.

Music Program Fund A fund dedicated to support and enhance the music program at Woodstock School.

Library Fund Designated for capital or major improvements to, and investments for the Woodstock School Library including the Woodstock School Archives.

 FWS Scholarship Fund

FWS offers MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS to reinforce the School’s own efforts to increase the number of merit candidates applying from any country or background. They are awarded to students that demonstrate meritorious achievement in academic work, the arts, leadership, service activities, or in any other priority area identified by the School. Merit scholars by their example will be catalysts in the pursuit of excellence and creativity in their classes.

In order to support Woodstock’s diversity goals and increase the number of students from North America who attend Woodstock, FWS offers SAGE-WOODSTOCK Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students from North America who meet the Woodstock academic and other admissions criteria, with priority given to children or grandchildren of members of Friends of Woodstock School in North America and, to students currently attending public schools.


This fund now includes current scholarships for SCHOLARS FOR PEACE.  Donations here will not be used to fund Woodstock's Scholars for Peace Endowment Fund which is a separate fund (see our Endowed Funds section).


Kaplani School Fund

The Kaplani School Fund is a collaboration between Friends of Woodstock School (FWS) and Timberline Foundation to help support the addition of Grades 11 and 12 at Kaplani School by covering the cost of two additional teachers.  Kaplani has a long-standing connection with Woodstock.  Bob Alter founded Mussoorie Gramin Vikas Samita (MGVS) – the Mussoorie Village Development Committee, an Indian NGO which includes a number of projects and programs operated in the Garhwal area and is the entity that administers Kaplani School.  Timberline Foundation, founded by Jeet Singh ’81, has been making grants to support Kaplani since 2002 and Woodstock alumni have financed Kaplani campus buildings.  Woodstock students have organized efforts to donate furniture, books, and supplies, and Woodstock has provided tutoring to Kaplani students.   A sign over the campus gateway refers to the role of former Woodstock students in making the school possible.


FWS Legacy Endowment Fund An endowment to help preserve the long-term financial viability of Friends of Woodstock School. The assets of the endowment are prudently managed to generate sustaining support not just for one year or even one generation but in perpetuity. All donations are invested. They form the “body” of the endowment and may not be spent. A portion of each year’s earnings equal to the prior year’s inflation rate plus 1% is reinvested to prevent erosion of the body of the Endowment, and the rest of each year’s earnings may be spent where most needed. The legal commitments of FWS concerning this Endowment are covered by a written Charter that represents a binding contract with you, the donor, amplifying how your donation to the Endowment will be used. FWS will be happy to provide the full text of the Charter on request.

Woodstock School Scholars for Peace Endowment Fund

Donations to this endowment fund will be used to support Scholars for Peace.  Donations to the Scholars for Peace Endowment Fund form the corpus or body of this endowment and may not be spent but rather are invested in perpetuity.  Only the earnings may be spent to fund the scholarships.


Woodstock School Scholarship Endowment Fund

Donations to this fund will be used to establish a Scholarship Endowment at Woodstock that will allow Woodstock to sustain current levels of scholarship disbursement making the funding Woodstock currently spends on scholarships available to support other institutional needs and goals, and now includes the Class of 1973's 50th Anniversary Gift, if so desired for this fund.  Donations to this fund form the corpus or body of this endowment and may not be spent but rather are invested in perpetuity.  Only the earnings may be spent to fund current scholarships.


Li-chiang Chu Scholarship Endowment Fund

Providing financial support to non-U.S or non-Canadian students who are graduates of Woodstock School and have successfully completed at least one semester or one quarter of studies in North America at an accredited educational institution. These scholarships are designed to supplement rather than replace work effort and extended family resources if financial resources have become insufficient to cover their tuition, fees, and living expenses. Li Chu wanted the recipients to be known for an attitude of service to others and who are likely to extend aid to future students who may encounter a similar financial need in completing their studies in North America.


Loehlin Family Scholarship Fund To commemorate and reinforce the traits of leadership and scholarship that were nurtured in members of the Loehlin family at Woodstock School.

McGavran Family Scholarships

These scholarships are intended to commemorate the significant impact Woodstock School had on the donor and her siblings.  Friendships which started in early elementary grades at Woodstock continue today.  The awarding of scholarships is based solely upon financial need.


Bishop J. Waskom Pickett Scholarship Fund For students who might not otherwise have been able to attend, and who add to the quality of Woodstock's student body and its social diversity.

Joseph H. Schoonmaker Scholarship Fund A scholarship for children of medical doctors and hospital administrators of Christian legacy mission hospitals in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Elizabeth Webster Shillington Memorial SAGE Scholarship Fund An endowed fund in memory of Elizabeth Webster Shillington, WS Class of 80, for high school students who need financial assistance to spend a semester or longer as a SAGE student at Woodstock.

Krishan “KG” Singh Memorial Scholarship Fund A scholarship fund for students in need of financial aid with a desire and interest in studying Indian culture and development, preferably from India; or for students with special learning needs; or whose families are involved in education; or who show interest in going into teaching or providing service to their community by working with NGOs.